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Premio Peña Ganchegui

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2017/06/10: PAUZARQ, Peña Ganchegui Prize 2017.

Elena Usabiaga and Felipe Aurtenetxe, members of PAUZARQ architecture firm, yesterday received from Iñaki Arriola, Minister of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government, the trophy that credits them as winners of the first edition of this award, destined to recognize the Young Basque Architecture.

The ceremony took place in the Santa Teresa Convent, the first event hosting the building in line with the activity that is intended for this cultural facility from San Sebastian, which was presented last Monday as the headquarters of the future Institute of Contemporary Architecture of the Basque Country .

In addition to the intervention of the minister, the event was attended by Pablo García Astrain, Director of Housing and Architecture of the Basque Government, and Rocío Peña, director of the Archivo Peña Ganchegui, who delivered the diplomas to the finalists.

The jury of this first edition, made up of architects Lluis Clotet, Ángela García de Paredes and Carlos Quintáns, has evaluated in the case of PAUZARQ the coherence between its different projects "as well as the clarity with which they understand the capacity of transformation that has the architecture, understanding what is the main and the changeable ", highlighting, among other aspects," the right organization that they are able to establish, achieving clarity and order. "

In addition to the winner's prize, the jury has awarded three special mentions: to Carlos Garmendia, "for his ability to achieve important changes in what has already been built"; to Daniel Ruiz de Gordejuela, "in whose work can be appreciate the follow-up of clear disciplinary arguments that do not weaken during the development of the project"; and to Ander Rodríguez, from MUGARA, "for the research he establishes in each of his projects and the capacity to make from small interventions important issues."

Finally, the jury also wanted to recognize the diverse and interesting lines of work associated with the architectural praxis present in the work of the other finalists: Jon Ander Aguirre; Iñaki Albistur and Raquel Ares, of ARQUIMAÑA; Eduardo and Eloi Landia, of ELE ARKITECTURA and Diego Sologuren.

Minister Iñaki Arriola highlighted the quality of the works presented, underlining the main objective of these awards: "to ensure the constant renewal and improvement of Euskadi's architectural production, and to help the young people", who are facing many of to "particularly complicated situations, especially after many years of a long crisis in the construction sector." Along the same lines, Pablo García Astrain pointed out that "young architects are precisely the ones most in need of the impetus and recognition that the awards entail."

For his part, Rocío Peña was pleased to see this first edition of an award "which, in addition to representing a recognition of my father, recognizes a quality architecture made by young architects linked to our environment." In addition to thanking the Basque Government for the impetus for this initiative, Peña Ganchegui's daughter also appreciate the effort made by all the candidates, and recognized the members of the jury, "three prestigious architects whose participation has been a true privilege ".