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Inscripción Abierta 2021
Premio Peña Ganchegui

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Is it necessary to prove both the place of qualification and the location of the activity?

In order to enter to the Peña Ganchegui Prize competition, in addition to being an architect titled after May 16, 2013, it is sufficient to fulfil one of the two geographical requirements: to have the headquarters of your activity in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country or to have trained as an architect there. It is sufficient, therefore, to accredit one of the two, even if both are fulfilled.

Do all members of a team have to meet the requirement of having obtained their qualifying title after May 16, 2013?

If the candidacy is presented as a team, it is necessary that all the architect members fulfil the requirement that less than 10 years have elapsed after their graduationas architects.

Can all types of projects be submitted, either built or not?

The prize is awarded to a set of works of different types: works, projects, proposals for competitions, research work ... any production that contributes to the field of Architecture, covering all areas and scales in their broadest sense.

Can compete for the Peña Ganchegui Prize a team that does not carry out their activity in the Basque Country, if one of their members graduated as architect in the Basque Country?

In case that not all the architect members fulfil the requirement of having graduated as architects in the Basque Country, only the members that fulfil such requirement will be admitted to the competition, but individually.

Is it admitted to include some works produced in an external office (which do not meet the rules conditions) as part of the graphic material that illustrates the professional path?

The Prize to the Young Basque Architecture aims to recognize a young architectural trajectory, admitting any production made by the candidate in the field of Architecture, covering all areas and scales, from the design of objects to interventions on the territory. Any level of engagement between the candidate and the development of the work, being exclusive or shared authorship, is admitted. This circumstance must be duly indicated and, logically, will have its corresponding reflection in the assessment made by the jury, which will prioritize the personal work on the shared.

Do you expect from the statement a description of the curriculum vitae, with all the relevant data related to the candidate trajectory? Or is it a free text where the candidate can give some relevant curricular data but talking openly about the trajectory, impressions and ideas in first person?

Both the statement (in vertical DIN A4 format) and the illustrative document (in horizontal DIN A3 format), are of free content and composition. The first is intended to present, in less than 500 words, the candidate in relation to the trajectory under evaluation; while the second, composed of graphic material and/or writing, is intended to illustrate the trajectory that opts for the Peña Ganchegui Award.

In the rules nothing is mentioned about the language of presentation. Can it be presented in Basque? Or does it have to be in Spanish?

The rules do not indicate anything about the language because it is assumed that each candidate is free to present his work in the language he deems most appropriate, knowing that proposals submitted in languages not spoken by the jury (as is the case of Basque) will be translated into Spanish.

Should the statement contain only text or could it contain some images? As for the text, can you play with the composition or should it be limited to a text organized in paragraphs?

The statement (in vertical DIN A4 format) is intended to be a presentation of the candidate in less than 500 words, so it is not envisaged to be illustrated. Beyond that limitation, its contents and composition, as well as those of the illustrative document (in a maximum of 6 pages in horizontal DIN A3 format) are completely free.

What exactly is meant as "documentation proving the fulfillment of the requirements required needed to qualify” for the prize?

In addition to the two documents that present and illustrate the candidate and his career, it is requested a complementary documentation that proves the fulfillment of the requirements required to qualify for the prize; this is:

a) For the geographical condition: The diploma, if it was obtained in the Basque Country; Or, in the opposite case, a document certifying the activity in the Basque Autonomous Community during the the trajectory that is submitted to evaluation, with a certificate of registration in the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE).

b) For the time condition: The university diploma, to justify the obtaining of the qualification title after May 16, 2013.

As for PDFs in DIN A3 format, is it preferable for the color to be RGB or CMYK? What should be their resolution?

The color space of the PDF document should preferably be RGB.

The decision on resolution is up to the candidate. As a guideline, it would be desirable to be between 150 and 300 dpi, but is conditioned by the size of the file: A maximum of 5 PDF files smaller than 10 Mb can be used for all requested documentation (A4 memory + A3 trajectory + prove of fulfillment documentation).