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Inscripción Abierta 2021
Premio Peña Ganchegui

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2019 Edition

The winner of the PEÑA GANCHEGUI PRIZE for Young Basque Architecture, in its second edition, was the candidature presented by Ane Arce and Iñigo Berasategui.

2019 Winner

The jury of the Peña Ganchegui Prize 2019 was integrated by the architects Eduardo Mangada, Eva Prats and Moisés Puente, who valued the confidence placed by Arce and Berasategui in the capacity that architecture has when it comes to transforming and adding quality to the city, and the ways of finding new uses of it, both in its construction and in the proposals more speculative. Beyond positively valuing their Cultural Action proposals, the Herriko Plaza in Mallabia stands out among the works presented.

2019 Mention

In addition to the winning prize, the jury awarded a Special Mention to ELE Arkitektura, "for the good work in architecture, the magnificent handling of spaces and materials, and the coherence in all its approaches". The Equine Pavilion in Aulesti and the Rehabilitation and Enlargement of the Ikastola Kurutziaga in Durango are pointed out in an outstanding way.

2019 Finalists

Finally, in addition to the two previous candidatures, the jury also wished to recognise the diverse and interesting lines of work, associated with architectural praxis, present in the work of the other finalists: Amaia Arana, Carlos Garmendia, LA-NA Architects and MUGARA, highlighting the coherence between training, approach and first trials in their diverse trajectories.