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Inscripción Abierta 2019
Premio Peña Ganchegui

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The Peña Ganchegui Archive, in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Architecture of the Basque Government, convenes the PEÑA GANCHEGUI Prize to the Young Basque Architecture, aimed at architects who, individually or collectively, carry out their professional work in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country or who have obtained in it the qualifying title for the exercise of their profession.

This biennial Prize receives its name after the architect Luis Peña Ganchegui (Oñati 1926 - San Sebastián 2009), the highest reference of Basque Architecture in the second half of the 20th century.

1. Aims

The award is granted with the intention of recognizing a young architectural trajectory and, at the same time, promoting a career with emerging projection, giving visibility to those contributions that, besides assuming an exemplary professional practice, contribute to promote, develop and consolidate the architectural culture.

Therefore, the prize is not awarded to a specific work or job, but a set of works of a diverse nature. The prize rewards the incipient emergent trajectory of an architect or of a team led by one or several architects within their first 10 years of exercise after qualifying.

2. Target persons

All architects or teams led by architects can enter for the competition, provided that in addition to fulfilling the geographical requirement (having their headquarters in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country or having obtained the qualifying title in the same) they have obtained their qualifying title after July 02, 2009. In the case of teams, the requirement must be met by all the architects who integrate it.

Architects who are family or work related with the members of the Jury, or those who have obtained it in an earlier edition, will not be eligible for the Peña Ganchegui Prize.

It will be the candidates themselves who will present their candidacy, contributing their merits that may include works, projects and research that contribute to the field of Architecture, covering all areas and scales, from the design of objects to interventions on the territory.

3. Selection criteria

The Jury is sovereign to establish the procedure that it considers appropriate to judge the works in order to assess the criteria of professional capacity, originality, innovation, consistency and those others that it decides to incorporate in its judgment.

4. Jury

The Jury will be composed of 5 members, including a representative of the Department of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government and a representative of the Archivo Peña Ganchegui, both of them with voice but without vote, to which three external members will be added with voice and vote, of which two, at least, must be architects. It will also count on a secretary, without voice or vote, appointed by the Archivo Peña Ganchegui.

The Jury of the Second Edition of the Peña Ganchegui Prize counts on the following external members:

Eduardo Mangada (Anna-Valencia, 1932). Architect since 1960 by the Architecture School of Madrid, and PhD since 1966, he has collaborated with F. J. Saenz de Oíza, J. L. Romany, C. Ferran and with L. Peña Ganchegui, among others. National Prize of Urbanism in 1978 and CSCAE Medal in 2013, has developed studies, reports and territorial strategies in diverse Spanish localities. Parallel to his professional career, he has developed an important political activity, being First Deputy Mayor and Townplanning Councilman of the Madrid City Council (1979-1982), and Counselor of Territory, Environment and Housing of the Community of Madrid (1983- 1991).

Eva Prats (Barcelona, 1965). Architect since 1992 by the Architecture School of Barcelona, where she teaches since 2002. After collaborating until 1991 with Estudio Miralles Pinós, and with Enric Miralles until 1994, she established Flores & Prats Architects in 1998 with Ricardo Flores, among whose works are the New Sala Beckett (Barcelona 2016), the Casal Balaguer (Mallorca, 2014) and the 111 Building (Terrassa, 2010). Awarded on numerous occasions, their work has also been the subject of multiple monographic exhibitions and publications.

Moisés Puente (León, 1969). He studied architecture in the schools of A Coruña, Rome and Barcelona, has been editor at Gustavo Gili, member of the editorial board of Quaderns, director of the 2G magazine, translator of architectural texts and curator of the exhibitions Miguel Fisac y Alejandro de la Sota: Miradas en paralelo and 100 años con Alejandro de la Sota. FAD Prize for Thought and Criticism in 2010, currently directs Puente Editores, a publishing house devoted to architecture and art books based in Barcelona.

5. Prize

The Jury will select a maximum of 10 finalists, one of which will be awarded a single prize of € 6,000. The selected candidates will receive an accreditation of their status as Finalists in the Peña Ganchegui Prize, which in the case of the winning architect or team will have an outstanding format.

6. Dissemination

The award has its own dissemination platforms, available through the url where any information related to the Peña Ganchegui Prize will be published, both during the convocation phase and after the decision, including the communication of the result and the dissemination of the awarded works that can be object of an exhibition and / or publication.

7. Entry

To be eligible for the Prize, candidates must register in advance on May 14. To do this, they must pay € 20 in the account ES50 2100 5092 11 0200067386 of "La Caixa", indicating "Premio Peña Ganchegui Saria" and the name of the candidate or the team (as applicable) as well as filling out the online form available for that purpose on the website of the award ( The information required includes: Name and surname of the candidate or candidates; Date of qualification; Place of qualification; Workplace; Address, telephone and e-mail for contact. Candidates must submit in this phase, electronically, the proof of payment of the registration fee.

Candidacies, which must be submitted before 02/07/2019 through the online application available on the award website, will consist of one or more PDF files that will include:

A submission report, in vertical DIN A4 format, of the trajectory that is submitted to evaluation of the Jury, with a maximum extension of 500 words.

A maximum of 6 pages, in horizontal DIN A3 format, of free content and composition, including graphic and / or written material that illustrates the trajectory that opts for the Peña Ganchegui Award.

The documentation proving the fulfilment of the requirements needed to qualify for the Peña Ganchegui Award.

8. Acceptance of the rules

Entering the Peña Ganchegui Prize competition implies the full acceptance of its rules by the candidates, who also agree to the use by the organization of all the materials contained in the documentation presented in order to carry out the exhibitions and / or publications deemed appropriate by the organization.

Any doubts in the interpretation of the present rules will be resolved by the Jury, whose decision will be final.

9. Schedule

02/04/2019: Convening the Peña Ganchegui Award

14/05/2019: Deadline for registration

02/07/2019: Deadline for submission of candidacies

10/10/2019: Jury decision and presentation of the Prize

10. Inquiries

Inquiries regarding the Award convening can be addressed to this email address: